Javier Alejandro Garavaglia


Catalogue of Premiered Compositions (chronological list according to the date and place of the world premiere)


[47] QUANTIC LANDSCAPE, acousmatic (2023)  - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/60456 

Quantum particles are the most fundamental part of our existence and of everything that surrounds us. Consequently, the sound generation of the composition consists of an autogenerative and autopoetic system that generates micro-sound particles based on a heavily modified version of Xenakis' GENDYN program for stochastic sound implementation, supported by machine learning algorithms. This system, programmed by the author in Max software, not only controls the generation of sound synthesis, but the generated signal also controls other parameters, such as multichannel spatialization via Ambisonics by a special algorithm also developed by the author. The overall result is a landscape of micro-sound particles moving very quickly between the speakers (in the multichannel version, while for this particular mix for CD only within the stereo image), a sonic representation similar to the movement in time and space of quantum particles. Using autogenerative and machine learning algorithms, the composition aims to question the way audiences listen to this kind of music in terms of both its sonic and spatial properties, which are hereby inextricably linked, contributing to challenge audiences with new ways of listening in today's rapidly changing world due to the increasing automation of technical processes, for example using AI. As in quantum physics, sounds are hereby similar and constantly moving but none is equal to the other; the overall crescendo may resemble the moments before the Big Bang.

The piece is commercially available: DEGEM CD 23 (2023) "Listening Machines – Ecological Perspectives", curated by Nicola L. Hein @ https://shop.aufabwegen.de/aufabwegen/edition-degem/various:%20listening%20machines%20-%20ecological%20perspectives%20cd-Experimental-Music

More Info: EDITION DEGEM / https://www.degem.de/cds-dvds/listening-machines-ecological-perspectives/



[46] ZUSAMMENSPIEL I, for viola, clarinet in A and live-electronics in 8.1 surround sound (2022) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/60250

Composition in which viola and clarinet are combined with spectral digital effects and multi-channel spatialization.

The idea of "playing together" contained in the title in German was the starting point of the artistic working process. This is clearly noticeable from bar 1, as the chosen pitches for both instruments are intertwined so that, together with the real-time electronics, all 3 create timbres that portray their fusion rather than the sound of each instrument alone. In addition, the composition presents innovative aspects in terms of real-time digital effects, for example, the accumulation and evaporation of spectra of both instruments captured by the electronics in real time or the combination of different techniques (among others Ambisonics) responsible for the particular spatialization of the electronics. Moreover, the composition is another example of the complete automation of the electronics, a technique developed by the author for years. Composed with the generous funding of MUSIKFONDS (Germany).

World Premiere: 24.6.2023 @ NYCEMF (New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival) 2023 - Loreto Theatre, Sheen Center, 18 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012 (NYC, USA)

VIOLA & ELECTRONICS: Javier A. Garavaglia
CLARINET in A: Ford Fourqurean

INFO: https://nycemf.org/

Audio (Stereo Version, Mp3 320 bps): Zusammenspiel1_Audio_320bps

Video (NYCEFM 2023): https://youtu.be/kyhJU-TiXOc?t=6748 (from 01:52:38)

Score in PDF: Zusammenspiel1_SCORE


 [45] SPLASH NOISE, online stereo music (2022)

Premiered on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 @ Galerie Gublia - Kreuzeskirchstraße 3 - 45127, Essen, this composition is based on the software developed by Friedhelm Hartmann and Heinz-Josef Florian. working with the so called hypersound touchpoints defined as the intersections where sounds connect via the World Wide Web to create a shared experience for all participants. As in a true hypertext model, a particular sound progression is composed online by linking to sequences of other sources through many points of correspondence selected for meaning and musical context. Composers collaborating in this composition and its performance during the BLAUES RAUSCHEN 2022 festival were:
   * HEINZ-JOSEF FLORIAN (@ Galerie Gublia)
   * JAVIER A. GARAVAGLIA (Online, London)
   * FRIEDHELM HARTMANN (@ Galerie Gublia)
   * BALÁZS KOVÁCS (Online, Hungary)
   * JOSEF SPRINZAK (Online, Israel)


 https://youtu.be/GB6NMVKBSns?t=406 (06:47 to 13:15)


[44] BTHVN (Beethoven and his inner sonic cosmos), multichannel acousmatic music (8.1, 16.2 and 24.2) (2022) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/56759

The word cosmos can be defined as "a complex, ordered, self-contained system". This, then, defines the aim of this piece by offering an interpretation of Beethoven's inner world and how he may have perceived the world around him, especially in light of his hearing loss. By proposing a journey into Beethoven's mind, the composition confronts the audience not only with his music, ideals and obsessions, but also with his particular and challenging situation as a deaf composer, helping to understand the full spectrum of feelings, thoughts and music in Beethoven's psyche.

The composition works with 2x recurring leitmotifs: on the one hand 4x evenly repeated rhythms, which can be found rather obsessively in several of Beethoven's compositions, especially in his 5th Symphony (Op. 67), but also in the Sonata 'Appassionata' Op. 57 (I), the Piano Concerto Op. 58 (I), the Cello Sonata Op. 69 (I), the Violin Concerto Op.61 (I) , the String Quartet Op. 74 (III), etc.; on the other hand, the melody and accompanying words that appear before the 'Grave' movement of his String Quartet Op. 135: "Must it be? It must be, it must be!". These words can be interpreted in different ways: While they could refer directly to the 'Grave' movement of the quartet, they could also be seen as a comprehensive expression about its fate. The first leitmotif (4x evenly repeated rhythms) is not only quoted from these works by Beethoven in the composition, but also by 4 door knockers, suggesting a possible inspiration for this repeated rhythmic motif. In addition to musical quotations from Beethoven's compositions, excerpts from Haydn and Mozart appear at the beginning, since both composers were Beethoven's pathfinders who influenced his musical formation and thus his 'inner sound cosmos'. Most of the quotations are mainly (though not throughout) spread over Beethoven's lifetime, from the aforementioned musical influences (Haydn/Mozart) to his own compositions, with various DSP effects conveying the idea of the gradual loss of hearing, thus showing an intimate approach to Beethoven's mind.

Many of the quotations are either melodically or harmonically related: one example is the sense of an interrupted cadence that arises at the very beginning of the piece from the combination of the beginning of the re-exposition of the first movement of the Violin Concerto (4x D major full orchestral chords) and the first orchestral chord of the first movement of the 3rd Symphony (E flat major). Not only because of the spatial audio characteristics of the piece, but also and especially because of the heavily processed sound design representing Beethoven's gradual process towards deafness, the piece shares its qualities and characteristics with those usually found in works of sound art and therefore requires special attention when listening to its entirety.

World Premiere: 25.6.2022 @ NYCEMF (New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival) 2022 - Loreto Theatre, Sheen Center, 18 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012 (NYC, USA) - https://nycemf.org/

Audio (Stereo Version, Mp3 320 bps): BTHVN_inner_Cosmos


[43] BEFREMDLICHE LANDSCHAFTEN, acousmatic stereo (2021) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/56090

The title refers to the mixing of various forest noises (recorded in south-east London in June 2021, close to the Thames river) and their combination with autopoetic synthetic and automatically generated sounds. Thus, the listener is confronted with different realities – some virtual, others from nature – offering a rich variety of perspectives in which how these sounds originated and how they are used in the short electroacoustic piece.

World Premiere: September/October 2021 @ BLAUES RAUSCHEN FESTIVAL 2021 - https://blauesrauschen.de/blaues-rauschen-2021/en/forest-sound/



The piece is commercially available: DEGEM CD 22 (2022) "Soundscape-Komposition. Aktuelle Positionen", curated by Prof. Sabine Breitsameter @ https://shop.aufabwegen.de/aufabwegen/edition-degem/various:%20soundscape-komposition.%20aktuelle%20positionen%20cd-Experimental-Music

More Info: EDITION DEGEM /https://www.degem.de/cds-dvds/soundscape-kompositionen/


 [42] BTHVN/KTZR und das Jahr 2020, acousmatic stereo (2020) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/55139

Fears, worries, panic, helplessness, existentially palpable dangers are situations that both 2020 and Beethoven's life have in common. Consistently, 2020 was both the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth and would have been Georg Katzer's 85th birthday. Katzer (1935–2019), was a pioneer of electroacoustic music in the former German Democratic Republic. BTHVN/KTZR und das Jahr 2020 exposes therefore the communality emerging from both situations proposing a journey into Beethoven’s mind, confronting listeners with his challenging situation as a deaf composer, for which numerous audio effects are appropriately used along in the composition, gradually depicting Beethoven's unstoppable deafness and is meant as an homage to both composers.

World Premiere: JUNE 2021 @ the NYCEMF online 2021 (New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival) - https://nycemf.org/

Audio: BTHVNKTZR2020


[41] BEETHOVENS GEIST, quadrophonic (4.1) acousmatic composition by Javier A. Garavaglia & Claudia Robles-Angel (2020) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/54846

BEETHOVENS GEIST is an quadrofonic acousmatic piece specially composed for the Sound & Light installation of the same name and by the same authors.

The installation BEETHOVENS GEIST (the title means in English 'Beethoven’s mind') invites visitors to immerse themselves in a space made up of coloured shadows (inspired by Goethe’s Colour Theory) and a special way of listening to music, via bone transmission headphones. Also known as bone sound, bone conduction refers to the transmission of vibrations through the skull bone that surrounds the hearing organ (near the middle ear), with perception masked by signals transmitted as airborne sound due to the skull bone's high acoustic impedance. Bone conduction is said to have been used by Beethoven in his later years. The acousmatic piece is about 45 minutes long and consists of 19 sections composed in succession:

(1) Introduction; (2) Promenade I; (3) Mozart, Haydn; (4) Promenade II: Bells, Water - Hearing Disorders I; (5) Goethe: Mephisto's Flea (Goethe’s Poem, Lied by Beethoven); (6) Promenade III: Horse Cart - Hearing Disorders II; (7) Cello Sonata in A; (8) Promenade IV: Birds; (9) PASTORAL Symphony: II Movement - Scene by the Brook; (10) Must It Be? (11) Musical Creation I; (12) Promenade V: Birds (Filter); (13) An Die ferne Geliebte; (14) Promenade VI: Birds (Filter) II; (15) Musical Creation II: Filter; (16) Promenade VII: Hall/Filter/Horses/Delays; (17) Musical Creation III: Filter; (18) DEAFNESS: Low Frequencies; (19) Finale.

World Premiere: 04.10.2020 - Kurfürstlichen Gärtnerhaus, during the Festival TANGENTIALE and the opening of the installation Beethovens Geist / Bonn, GERMANY

Programme Notes: notes_Beethovens_Geist

Audio: Beethovens_Geist_MP3_(45')

Images from the installation Kurfürstlichen Gärtnerhaus, Bonn - Germany, 2020)


[40] MOMENTE for viola and live-electronics in 8.1 surround sound (2018) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/40938

MOMENTE was specially commissioned by the 15. Internationales Klangkunstfest Berlin M O M E N T (6 - 9 September 2018)
The composition features different "moments" where a single main musical theme appears in different versions and variations (and in complete form only towards the middle of the piece). Each "moment" features the musical thema (or parts of it) in the viola with live-electronics in unique musical characteristics, which are not repeated in the same manner anywhere else in the composition. The piece makes strong usage of spectral DSP processes, continuing the trend of my pieces for live-electronics since DUO SPECTRALIS for Viola and Tárogató in 2015.

World Premiere: 08.09.2018 - 15. Internationales Klangkunstfest Berlin / M O M E N T - Bibliothek am Luisenbad, Travemünder Strasse 2, 13357 / Berlin-Wedding, GERMANY / Viola & electronics: Javier A. Garavaglia

Programme Notes: programme_notes_MOMENTE

Score in PDF Format: MOMENTE_Score

Audio: MOMENTE_mp3 (Javier Garavaglia, viola / Performance Haus im Rhenania, Köln, Germany 05.09.21)

Video: MOMENTE_MP4 (Javier Garavaglia, viola - World Premiere in Berlin - 08.09.2018)


[39] SPACES: SUSPENDED - SCATTERED [Version I], acousmatic music (octophonic/stereo) (2018-2020) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/39403

First version of a longer project, which envisages multiple versions of the piece suitable for different venues provided with High-Density Loudspeaker Array (HDLA) settings, in order to project sound creating Multiple Spatial Settings within the HDLA system. Version I is shorter than its equivalent for an HDLA setting and exists therefore only in octophonic and stereo versions. The sounds of SPACES: SUSPENDED - SCATTERED are explicitly synthetic and use algorithmic sound design.

World Premiere of the Stereo Version: 28 January 2018 / Cafe OTO, London, UK

World Premiere of the 8.1 Version: 16 July 2018 / New York Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), Abrons Art Center, NYC, USA, Concert No 3 (8 PM)

Broadcast by BBC Radio 3 "NEW MUSIC SHOW": 21 March 2020. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000gmvc 

Programme Notes: PN_SSS

Audio: SSS_StereoVersion_mp3


[38] MULTISENSORIAL - eine Konzertperformance für die Sinne, by Javier A. Garavaglia, Thomas Gerwin and Claudia Robles-Angel (2016)

Created especially for the opening of the Exhibition Windrosen - Kunst über Sinne at the Künstlerforum Bonn, Germany (November 6, 2016), the piece is a multimedia performance, combining live viola and live percussion, multiple multimedia elements, added to challenging the perception of the audience through the insertion of elements directed to the other senses, for example the smelling of exotic fragrances, the savouring of small delicacies, etc.

World Premiere: 06.11.2016 / Künstlerforum Bonn, Germany // Viola, computer, electronics: Javier A. Garavaglia - Computer, electronics, percussion, fragancies: Thomas Gerwin - Computer, electronics, real-time video: Claudia Robles-Angel.

Programme Notes: programe notes MULTISENSORIAL

Video: MULTISENSORIAL_video with excerpts of the world premiere


[37] Spatial Grains - Soundscape No 1, acousmatic music for 134 speakers and 4 subwoofers (2015) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/39890

Piece composed and produced during a residency at Virginia Tech (USA) for Statial Audio in High-Density Loudspeaker Arrays (HDLA) in August 2015, which creates Multiple Spatial Settings through a combination of a new sound diffusion system programmed by the composer, called Granular Spatialisation and Ambisonics.

After its World Premiere in 2015 in Virginia (CUBE Hall provided with 143 Speakers, Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech), the piece has been performed in NYC (NYCEMF 2016), in Utrecht (ICMC 2016) both with a reduced version for 16.4 speakers, in the KUBUS, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany, adapted to the Kubus's HDLA of 43.4 speakers (2017) and during the MUSA 2018 conference (June), in the Wolfgang Rihm Forum (WRF) Hall (Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik [IMWI], Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe), with a set-up of 70 speakers.

World Premiere: August 10, 2015, CUBE, Moss Arts Center, Virginia Tech, Virginia, USA

Programme Notes: Spatial_Grains_Soundscape_No1

Audio Link (MP3): BINAURAL stereo recording in the CUBE at Virginia Tech


[36] DUO SPECTRALIS, for Viola, Tárogató & 5.1 surround live-electronics (2015) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/39891

First composition worldwide for this particular combination of instruments and electronics, featuring several innovative spectral DSP processes, including spectral accumulation and evaporation

World Premiere: June 2015, New York Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), NYC, USA // Tárogató: Esther Lamneck / Viola: Javier A. Garavaglia

Duration: ca. 15'

Programme Notes: Duo_Spectralis_PN

Score in PDF Format: Duo_Spectralis_Score

Video: Complete performance during the NYCEMF, June 2015, NYC

YOUTUBE: Performance by Nikola Lutz (Tárogató) und Agata Zieba (Viola) in Stuttgart 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSuOZL-JB1Y


[35] MEDITATIONS (tiny gongs), acousmatic music (8.1) (2013/14) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/43007

World Premiere: June 2014, New York Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), NYC, USA

Duration: 11:30

Programme Notes: Meditations PN

Audio Link (MP3): Meditations_StereoVersion_MP3


[34] CONFLUENCES (Rainbows II) / Quintet for flute, clarinet in B, violin, cello, piano and live-electronics (5.1) (2011/12) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29508

World Premiere: September 2012, International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Ljubljana, Slovenia // Flute: Anja Brezavšček - Clarinet: Jože Kotar - Violin: Matjaž Porovne - Cello: Milan Hudnik - Piano: Nina Prešiček.

Duration: ca. 13'

Programme Notes: Confluences_PN

Score in PDF Format: Confluences_Score

Video: Confluences_video_world premiere at the ICMC 2012, Slovenia


[33] Wooden Worlds, collaborative project with Colombian media artist Claudia Robles including sound, video, photography, viola and live-electronics for sound and video (2010) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29507

World Premiere: September 2010, Kölner Musik Nacht 2010, Kunst Station Sankt Peter, Köln, Germany // Viola & live- electronics: Javier A. Garavaglia // Live electronics & live video:Claudia Robles-Angel:

Programme Notes: WoodenWorlds_PN

Score in PDF Format: WoodenWorlds_Score


Excerpts from Copenhagen performance, May 2011

Excerpts from World Premiere, Koelner Musiknacht, September 2010]

Video of complete performance in Copenhagen, May 2011


[32] Miniaturstück I, acousmatic music (octophonic - 8.1) (2010) - https://emdoku.de/de/media/5926

World Premiere: _tiefKLANG 2010 "Gefühlter Augenblick" - Internationales Klangkunstfest Berlin, Germany - 2010

Duration: ca. 4:02

Programme Notes: Miniaturstueck_I_PN

Audio Link (MP3): Miniaturstueck_I_MP3

Composition on CD (stereo version): DEGEM CD No 20, "im hier und jetzt oder nie" (EDITION DEGEM 2021)curated by Anne Wellmer (Medienhaus, UDK, Berlin). https://www.degem.de/cds-dvds/zukunftsmusik-im-hier-und-jetzt-oder-nie-wendepunkte/

Commercially available @ https://shop.aufabwegen.de/aufabwegen/edition-degem/various:%20zukunftsmusik/im%20hier%20und%20jetzt%20oder%20nie/wendepunkte%203xcd-Experimental-Music


[31] farb-laut E - VIOLET for viola and live-electronics (5.1) (2008) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29506

World Premiere: _farb-laut Festival, Berlin, Germany - 5.11.2008, Teehaus im Englischen Garten, Berlin // Viola & electronics: Javier A. Garavaglia

Duration: ca. 15'

Programme Notes: FARBLAUT_PN

Score in PDF Format: FARBLAUT_Score

Audio Link (MP3): FARBLAUT_MP3


[30] "+" improvisation for viola, sampler, diverse instruments and MAX/MSP by Javier A. Garavaglia, Thomas Gerwin and Ralf Haarmann (2008) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29505

World Premiere: LOFT Köln, Germany - 2.6.2008


[29] Intersections (memories) for clarinet in B and live-electronics (5.1) (2007/8 - revised in 2017) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29504

World Premiere: 17th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Gainesville, USA - 2008 // Clarinet: Jorge Variego

Duration: ca. 15'


Score in PDF Format: INTERSECTIONS_Score

Video: INTERSECTIONS_Live Video during the NYCEMF 2017_Jorge Variego


[28] Pathétique, acousmatic music (2007) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/28221

World Premiere: Lisbon, Portugal - 2007

Duration: 15:31

Programme Notes: Pathetique_programme notes

Audio Link (MP3): Pathetique_MP3


[27] Interzones (A/E-B) for piano, double bass and electronics (2006) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29503

World Premiere: 16th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Gainesville, USA - 2007 // Piano: Seung Hye Kim - Double Bass : Kevin Casseday

Duration: ca. 20'

Programme Notes: Interzones_PN

Score in PDF Format: Interzones_Score

Audio Link (MP3): Interzones_MP3


[26] Hoquetus for Tárogató (or soprano saxophone)and live-electronics (2005) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29502

World Premiere: 14th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Gainesville, USA - 2005 // Tárogató: Esther Lamneck

Duration: ca. 15'

Programme Notes: HOQUETUS_programme notes

Score in PDF Format: HOQUETUS_Score in PDF format

Audio Link (MP3): HOQUETUS_SopranoSax_MP3


[25] Ableitungen des Konzepts der Wiederholung (for Ala) for viola and live-electronics (2003) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29501

World Premiere: 13th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Gainesville, USA - 2004 // Viola: Javier A. Garavaglia

Duration: ca. 16'

Programme Notes: ABLEITUNGEN_programme notes

Score in PDF Format: ABLEITUNGEN_Score in PDF format



[24] L.S. (waiting for changes) for small orchestra (20 instruments) - 2001

World Premiere: Cercle Municipal Luxembourg, Luxembourg - 30.11.2003 // Luxembourg Sinfonietta conducted by Marcel Wengler

Duration: ca. 11'

Programme Notes: LS_programme notes

Score in PDF Format: LS_Score in PDF format

Audio Link (MP3): LS_MP3


[23] DJ (1): about Riffs and Noises - Laptop performance (2003) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29500

World Premiere: 12th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Gainesville, USA - 2003 // Laptop: Javier A. Garavaglia

Duration: 45'


[22] NINTH (music for viola and computer) for viola and live-electronics (2001) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29499

World Premiere: 11th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Gainesville, USA - April, 2002 // Viola: Javier A. Garavaglia

Duration: ca. 12'

Programme Notes: NINTH_programme notes

Score in PDF Format: NINTH_Score in PDF format

Audio Link (MP3): NINTH_MP3


[21] Granular Gong for octophonic tape (8.0 - acousmatic) (2001) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29498

World Premiere: 10th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Gainesville, USA - 2001

Duration: ca. 14'

Programme Notes: GG_programme notes

Score in PDF Format: GG_Score in PDF format

AUDIO of the stereo version (320 bps): GranularGong_320bps


Composition available on CD (stereo version): SONOIMAGENES - Festival Internacional Sonoimágines 2005/Vol. 1 (Colección Sonidos y Visiones del sur), edited by UNLA (Argentina) 2005



[20] Spectral Colours for ensemble (14 instruments) & tape (1996) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29509

World Premiere: 8th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology - New London, Connecticut, USA - 2001 - Ensemble conducted by Michael Adelson

Duration: ca. 12'

Programme Notes: SC_programme notes

Score in PDF Format: SC_Score in PDF format

Audio Link (MP3): SC- live at the ICMC 2007 - Black Diamond Concert Hall - Copenhagen, Denmark


[19] Poppekstive for octophonic tape (acousmatic) (1999) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29497

World Premiere: 8th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Gainesville, USA - 1999

Duration: ca. 12'

Programme Notes: POPPEKSTIVE_programme notes



[18] T.A.T. (a man's life) for viola, bass-clarinet, 4-track tape and live-electronics (1998) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29496

World Premiere: 8th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Gainesville, USA - 1999 // Viola: Javier A. Garavaglia - Bass Clarinet: Matthew Davies

Duration: ca. 25'

Programme Notes: TAT_programme notes

Score in PDF Format: TAT_Score

Audio Link (MP3): TAT_MP3


[17] COLOR CODE, music for the concert-installation "Color Code" for 4-track tape, viola, live-electronics (MAX) and computer generated graphics on two screens by GRUPPE ANIMATO (Music by Javier A. Garavaglia) (1998) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29495

World Premiere: during the 7th Vilem Flusser Symposium, Fachhochschule Bielefeld, Germany, 1998 // Viola: Javier A. Garavaglia

Duration: ca. 31'

Programme Notes: CC_programme notes

Video: CC_video of complete performance


[16] Arte Poética (stanzas III to VII) for quadrophonic tape (acousmatic), based on the poem "Arte poética" by Jorge Luis Borges (1997) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29494

World Premiere: 7th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Gainesville, USA - 1998

Duration: ca. 13'

Programme Notes: APIII_programme notes

Audio Link (MP3): AP_03


[15] Overture (im memoriam T.A.T.) for quadrophonic tape (acousmatic) - 1997 - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/23039

World Premiere: DEGEM KONZERT - ZKM (KUBUS), Karlsruhe, Germany - December 1997

Duration: ca. 11'

Programme Notes: OVERTURE programme notes

Audio Link (MP3): OVERTURE_MP3

Piece commercially available in 2 different CDs at https://www.cybele.de/


[14] Am Steg (Spaces) for stereo tape (acousmatic) - 1992/1996 - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29493

World Premiere: IV Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, Brazil - 1997

Duration: ca. 9'

Programme Notes: AmSTEG_programme notes


[13] Contraries (resonances) for alto flute (G), quadrophonic tape and live-electronics (1996) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29492

World Premiere: Bochum, Germany - 1997 // Lesley Olson: alto flute

Duration: ca. 33'

Programme Notes: CONTRARIES_programme notes

Score in PDF Format: CONTRARIES_Score

Audio Link (MP3): CONTRARIES_MP3


[12] Arte Poética (II. Stanza) for quadrophonic tape (acousmatic), based on the poem "Arte poética" by Jorge Luis Borges (1995/6) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29491

World Premiere: Germany - 1996

Duration: ca. 11'

Programme Notes: APII_programme notes

Audio Link (MP3): AP_02


[11] Arte Poética (I) for quadrophonic tape (acousmatic), based on the poem "Arte poética" by Jorge Luis Borges (1995) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/19032

World Premiere: Germany - 1995

Duration: ca. 8'

Programme Notes: API_programme notes

Audio Link (MP3): AP_01

Piece commercially available on CD at https://www.cybele.de/


[10] "Poème du temps qui ne passe pas" (.."del otro lado del muro"..) chamber opera for soprano, bass-baritone, piano, flute, cello and percussion, based on poems by Jorge Luis Borges, Alejandra Pizarnik and Louis Aragón (1994)

World Premiere: Germany - 1994

Duration: ca. 27'

Programme Notes: POEME_programme notes

Audio Link (MP3): Poeme_Du_Temps (Neue Aula, Folkwang-Hochschule Essen, 1994)


[9] Gegensätze (gegenseitig) for alto flute (G), quadrophonic tape and live-electronics (1993/4) - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/29490

World Premiere: 18.6.1994 / Rathaus Dortmund, SPEKTAKEL '94, Germany - 1994 // Alto flute: Christiane Schulz

Duration: ca. 33'

Programme Notes: GEGENSAETZE_programme notes

Score in PDF Format: GEGENSAETZE_Score



[8] pizz. for quadrophonic tape (acousmatic) - 1992 - https://www.emdoku.de/en/work/emdoku/5585

World Premiere: Neue Aula, Folkwang Hochschule Essen, Germany - 1993

Duration: ca. 20'

Programme Notes: PIZZ_programme notes

Audio Link (MP3): PIZZ_MP3


[7] Spiel 3 b (über ein Jazz Thema) for string quintet (2x Vl,Vla,Vcl & double bass) in 5 movements (1993)

World Premiere: Torhaus Rombergpark, Dortmund, Germany - November 1993 // Minguet Quartet + A. Dohmen, Doublebass

Duration: [i] 2:33, [ii] 3:54, [iii] 6:40, [iv] 6:13, [v] 8:28) (overall ca. 27')

Audio Link (MP3): Spiel_IIIb_MP3


[6] Spiel 3 (über ein Jazz Thema) for wind quintet (1992/3)

World Premiere: Kammermusiksaal, Folkwang Hochschule Essen, Germany - 1993

Duration: ca. 25'


[5] "M.H.0.C" (Spiel 2 über ein Jazz Thema und 5 Töne) for bass wind quintet (1992)

World Premiere: Kammermusiksaal, Folkwang Hochschule Essen, Germany - 1992

Duration: ca. 8'


[4] "T.T" (Spiel für Tommy und seine Bratsche) for viola solo (1988)

World Premiere: Kammermusiksaal, Folkwang Hochschule Essen, Germany - 1991 // Viola: Javier A. Garavaglia

Duration: ca. 8'

Programme Notes: TT_programme notes

Score in PDF Format: TT_Score

Audio Link (MP3): TT.MP3


[3] LABERINTO "... palabras, poemas..." for 4 singers and chamber ensemble, based on poems by Jorge Luis Borges, Marcelo Gasparini and Alejandra Pizarnik (1991)

World Premiere: Neue Aula, Folkwang Hochschule Essen, Germany - 1991

Duration: ca. 25'

Programme Notes: LABERINTO_programme notes

Audio Link (MP3): LABERINTO_audio (live version, Folkwang Hochschule Ensemble, Summer 1991, Bochum, conductor Christoph Erkens)


[2] Timbres (después de 4 Piezas) for oboe, viola and piano (1989)

World Premiere: Buenos Aires, Fundación San Telmo, Argentina - 1989, conductor Javier Garavaglia

Duration: ca. 12'


[1] 4 Piezas for oboe, viola and piano (1989)

World Premiere: Bariloche, Argentina - 1989

Duration: ca. 8'