Poème du temps qui ne passe pas ( ".. del otro lado del muro.") (1993)

Based on poems by Jorge Luis Borges, Alejandra Pizarnik and Louis Aragon.

Music: Javier Alejandro Garavaglia

Duration: ca. 25 min

Genre: Chamber Opera for:  


....1x Soprano (Woman)

....1x Bass-baritone (Man)  

....1x Flute (also alto-flute)

....1x Cello

....1x Percussion

....1x Piano




The Man is alone with his dreams. In this infinite dimension, he feels the existence of “something”, what he can neither describe nor explain, but he is longing for it. Although he is not aware of it, the Infiniteness appears in front of him and seduces him. He is not able to see Her, but he cannot stop the desire of possessing Her.


As he awakes, the dream is gone, but he finds impossible to forget Her: he will neither posses her nor will he be able to forget Her. She is only to be found "beyond the wall".


Although the piece was composed using poems by three different poets, the piece is about the "Leitmotiv" of Borges about Infiniteness and Finiteness of universe and man and the unlimited fields that are beyond our reality (the wall mentioned on the title) during the dream, creating a sense of time that does notpass by. The piece is meant to be a hommage to Borges and his work.


Javier A. Garavaglia