Javier Alejandro Garavaglia

Ableitungen des Konzepts der Wiederholung (for Ala)


for Viola & MAXMSP

Genre: Interactive Music (real time processed live-electronics)

Duration: 16:27


            The title in German refers to the way I wanted to explore the concept of repetition. Repetitions are to be found everywhere in our lives: from our habits, to our biological cycles; every life is a repetition of others with variations. And exactly this is what I am trying to explore with this piece: how can a repetition not be considered as such, when the variation degree makes it appear under a very different light. Is repetition equal repetition?


            Music is indeed a type of art that very well suits to explore this item, by either extending the concept of repetition or simply expressing the same idea all the time, as much of the commercial music nowadays does. Loops can be always the repetition of the same sample in music electronics, but the way a composer can work with a loop can vary enormously, to the point that the repetition itself disappears, loosing its essential being.


            Mathematical relationships, as well as electronic procedures that already work with the principle of repetition are here further material that the composition uses to explore this concept. The name on the dedication is the nickname of the woman who inspired this work.