Javier Alejandro Garavaglia

L.S. (waiting for changes) for Ensemble (2001)

Genre: Instrumental Music

Duration: ca. 12:00


The piece was written in 2001 and was composed especially for the Luxembourg Sinfonietta.


Because of the particular and flexible instrumental formation of the Luxembourg Sinfonietta, the idea of composing a piece for a big ENSEMBLE (about 20 instruments) with this particular characteristics in timbre was very exciting indeed.


Taking this aspect I tried to compose a piece with an evolutionary form, that considers the virtuosity of each of the instruments (all have some kind of solo participation in the score) and the unusual combination of different timbres.


There is an extra-musical connotation that has to be understood beforehand about the changes mentioned on the title: 2001 was a bad year for me in the personal aspect, and the hope of changes to happen at that particular point (that indeed took place short time after the composition of the piece) led me to parameterise the concept of changing to the whole compositional process. These take multiple shapes and meaning throughout the piece: on one side, the changing of instrumentation in each of the different formal sections of the piece; on the other side, the almost constant (sometimes dynamic, sometimes static) changes of tempo which are related to the change of mood that involves each of the sections of the piece that is complemented by extreme contrasts in the registers used.


Because most of the pitch material relates to the first chords heard on the accordion and piano, the XI different sections can be perceived as 9 variations (in an extended way, involving also extreme registers for the instruments) with and introduction and a coda, which show the material in its basic form. There is also a very strong change of spectra used in some parts, where noise is almost the only compositional parameter.


Being composed to be presented at the Luxembourg Sinfonietta contest 2001, this piece had to be instrumented within the rules imposed by this contest. Although the piece was not selected by the jury, the Luxembourg Sinfonietta wanted to present it still during the 2002 season.


The title "LS" refers obviously to the group giving birth to this piece. The second part of the title: "waiting for changes" is to be understood more personally, because I was having a rough time during the months I was composing it, waiting for some changes to come up to my life.


The form develops all the time, having no point where some materials are to be developed or even repeated. Because of the fantastic choice of instruments I had, I tried to make some solo-virtuoso parts for some of them.


The pitches and rhythms of the work are taken from the two words "Luxembourg Sinfonietta"



Piccolo, flute, clarinet in b, bass- clarinet in b (with low b), tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, 2x trumpets in c, horn, trombone, Tuba, percussion (see details on the score), piano, accordion, 2 violins, 3 celli.