Javier Alejandro Garavaglia


Intersections (memories)

for Clarinet in B and real-time electronics in 5.1 Surround spacialization (2007)


The piece was composed with some music materials (musical themes) derived from a secret programme based on my personal past (representing the „memories“ in the title).


The materials are exposed fragmented at the beginning and as the work progresses, they appear more and more complete and transformed (through transpositions, inversions, etc.). Towards the end, the themes are interpolated with each other, forming new musical entities.


The electronics (composed using MAXMSP) underline the processes and at the same time, evolve in the same way as the musical themes. A clear example of how this works is the granulated appearance of the first Leitmotiv from the opera Parsifal by Richard Wagner (Liebesmotiv, signalised on the score with a quote from Kurt Pahlen), which has been gathered and stored by isolated notes played by the clarinet during the performance on a memory buffer on MAXMSP. The Leitmotiv could not be heard before this moment, even if all its notes were separately played before.