Javier Alejandro Garavaglia


Interzones (A/E-B), for Piano, Double Bass and 6-track tape (2001/2). [2nd Version]


Duration: 17 minutes.


"Interzones (A/E-B)" was commissioned, specially written and dedicated to the duo "Interzone perceptible" in Germany. This new sound constellation of two instruments, which only very seldom play together was an unexpected challenge for me, mostly due to the flexibility both instruments offer, most of all in combination with electronic music.


However, there were some issues which turned the performance with this duo impossible and therefore, I decided to recompose the piece making a second Version for piano and double bass, keeping the main characteristics of the piece (Keyboard and Bass)


"Interzones /A/E-B)" consists of many "zones" that interact together within one single movement. A bright palette of instrumental techniques together with synthetic sound processing were fully developed, making the piece resemble a continuous crescendo and decrescendo. The pitch organization was developed from the letters A (accordion) and E-B (Electric Bass). The main procedures used for the composition of the tape were wave shaping (created through the use of Chowning FM on Csound) and developed and varied using Phase Vocoding, Granular Synthesis and other techniques. Moreover, the parameter "SPACE" has a fundamental meaning in the performance of this piece: although it may be played from the stereo reduction, it fully expands itself in the concert hall due to its six channels. The tape part, when playing together with the instruments, tends to fuse to the timbre of both piano and bass, but it expands on its own in the interpolated “zones”, where it is alone.