Javier Alejandro Garavaglia



for Tárogató (or Soprano Saxophone) and multitrack live electronics (5.1)

Genre: Interactive Music (real time processed live-electronics)

Duration: ca. 15 min.

Dedicated to Esther Lamneck



The piece was commissioned by Prof. Esther Lamneck (NYU), who also premiered it at the 14th Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival (Gainesville, FL, US) in April 2005.


The work recreates in a different context the medieval technique of the Hocket. Being this technique polyphonic, the Tárogató part delivers this “hiccup” technique doubling itself through the usage of different registers.


Moreover, the computer makes a Hocket-like response to the Tárogató at certain moments. The effect of this technique is amplified by the multi-track electronics. Other DSP processes such as convolution, granular synthesis and phase vocoding reinforce the electronics throughout the piece. The entire electronic section is computer generated in real time via MAXMSP, whereby no pre-recorded materials are used throughout the performance.


The electronics of the piece were revised in 2006 and again in 2014.


Worldwide instrumentalists have played the piece either with the Tárogató or the Soprano Saxophone: besides Ms Lamneck, Nikola Lutz (Germany), Enzo Filippetti (Italy), Susan Fancher (USA) and Eduardo Deluca (Argentina).