Javier Alejandro Garavaglia

pizz. for quadraphonic tape (1993)

Genre: Acousmatic Music

Duration: 20:00


"pizz." is a quadraphonic piece, which uses as only material a pizzicato produced on the C-string of a viola. This sound was later worked on with the usual procedures of electronic music, for example: repetitions (loops), transpositions, overlappings, amplitude modulations, etc. To the very low transpositions (about 30 Hz.), which appear at the beginning of the piece, some spectra made with noise generators and Sample and Hold functions were added. They were made with the analogue synthesizer SYNLAB, which is at the ICEM (Institut für Computer und Electronische Medien) of the Folkwang-Hochschule in Essen (Germany). These spectra, which at the beginning play only a subsidiary role, will increase in importance as the work grows.


Although not so conceived, the form of the piece reminds that of a Sonata: the first 6 minutes expose two parts ("A" -dynamic- and "B" -static-), then, a development of mostly "A" derived material takes place, before the reverse form of "A" (one octave lower) appears to close the whole work.


Channel Distribution (according to the German typical clockwise distribution)