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Composer / Performer / Sound Artist / Academic

Javier A. Garavaglia is an award-winning composer, violist, performer, sound artist, music technologist and academic with a broad cross-disciplinary approach in the areas of Digital Arts, Creative/Cultural Industries and their related technologies, focusing mainly on diverse aspects of music/sound composition and performance supported by computer science. His composition is a constant search for new sonic experiences combining new developments in computerised sound synthesis, live interaction, extended instrumental techniques and sound spatialisation, all of which serve his main compositional goal: the communication of a distinctive musical narrative through the dramaturgy of music (a list with details of his works can be found @ EMDoku). Continue reading




My newest acousmatic composition QUANTIC LANDSCAPE (2023) commercially available on the new CD (No 23) of the DEGEM EDITIONhttps://shop.aufabwegen.de/aufabwegen/edition-degem/various:%20listening%20machines%20-%20ecological%20perspectives%20cd-Experimental-Music


BREFREMDLICHE LANDSCHAFTEN (stereo acousmatic) in CD No 22 (2022) and MINIATURSTUECK I (octophonic acousmatic) in CD No 20 (2021) of the DEGEM EDITION, both commercially available @ https://shop.aufabwegen.de/aufabwegen-Experimental-Music?cat=118



Video excerpts: concert @ KUNSTHAUS RHENANIA (Koeln, Germany, 5.9.21)


Video: Lecture and online composition (Essen, Germany, 28.9.2022), Festival Blaues Rauschen 2022


Example of score and Max patcher for DUO SPECTRALIS (2015) for Viola & Tarogato




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