Javier Alejandro Garavaglia


DJ (1): about Riffs and Noises for computer (MAXMSP) (2003)

Genre: computer music

Duration: variable


This is not the first time I work with samples taken from the pop and jazz scene. In 1998 I composed an 8-track tape piece using this kind of materials.


This time however, the approach is quite different. Not only it is now the computer the one who triggers all the events, but the transformation of the sampled sounds occurs in a kind of DJ like live Mix. There are more than 120 different Samples, all being taken form the pop and jazz scenes of the last 30 years.


The transformation of the sounds is carried out by several "instruments" programmed by myself on the environment Max-MSP, going from several and different random DJ-like consoles to wave-shape granulation, filtering, envelope following or transposition. The use of some Plug-ins as effect and special panning effects is also to be taken into consideration. The ambiguity of dealing with these pop/jazz samples and the way in which the audience may disguise OR NOT the origin of these sounds, is something between "current DJing", electronic improvisation and computer music.


Computer generated and life produced noise (the audience is welcomed to cough or do any kind of audible events during the performance) are also included in the compositional and transformation materials, in a way (I guess) Cage would have liked.


The duration of the piece is flexible, going from 12 minutes up to one hour, depending on the circumstances of the performing venue and event.